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Transform Your Skills And Become
A Confident, Clear & Compelling Presenter



Too many smart, capable professionals struggle and are fearful to communicate their ideas and expertise.  This holds them back from speaking up in meetings, let alone delivering a presentation.


Others are not necessarily fearful but their message lacks clarity, their delivery is long and boring, Q&A is mismanaged, and ultimately their audience tunes out.  What at first is an opportunity to inform, motivate, and persuade becomes a disaster nobody wants to relive.

When you excel at developing and delivering presentations, it increases your confidence and can even transform how you see yourself.  The truth is, with the right instruction, practice, and coaching, everyone can improve and some can become really great.  That's what I want for you!

The 9 Week Master Class Starts September 23rd.




It's for Business Professionals who...

...   Lack experience and training in designing and delivering presentations.

...   Present to senior leaders, peers, teams, training audiences, civic groups, or investors.

...   Stumbled, even bombed in the past, and are now fearful of ever presenting again.

...  Feel you won't get promoted until you improve your presentation skills.

...   Experience deep fear, even terror at the thought of presenting.

...   Take endless hours designing your presentation or wait till the night before.

...   Make changes right up to the last minute, many of which prove unnecessary.

...   Spend more time designing slides instead of rehearsing your presentation.

...   Fail to motivate and engage their audience.

...   Use PowerPoint as your presentation instead of a visual tool to reinforce your message.

...   Mismanage Q&A, especially from senior leaders or tough audiences with hidden agendas.

...   Become overwhelmed, distraught and sick to their stomach with out of control nerves and anxiety.

...   Hold on to self-defeating, limiting beliefs that keep you from delivering a great presentation.

...   Possess overconfidence in your skills which leads to “winging” your presentation.

...   Believe delivering effective presentations is critical to your success.

Wow... That sounds like me!


I designed the course so you receive Personalized Instruction and Coaching.

The total enrollment will be capped at 28 participants divided into 4 groups of 7 providing each group with ample interaction and time for Q&A.

Each group will meet via zoom on the same day at the same time for the duration of the course providing scheduling consistency.

Group meetings will be 90 minutes each providing 6 hours of live instruction.

Each participant will deliver two presentations providing the ideal process to develop your new skills and receive quality feedback.

Weekly 1:1 Coaching calls provide 9 hours of support to meet your specific needs.

Lifetime access to assessments, PDF workbooks, recorded online classes and participant presentations plus expert videos and articles provide 24/7 availability to critical learning resources.

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Welcome!  You'll complete an assessment, have an introductory 1:1 call with me, download your workbook for the week, attend your first Group Zoom meeting, and complete self-study work.  You will also identify a topic for a presentation you'll deliver in weeks 6 & 8.

This week we'll cover:

Organizing Your Content

Conduct Message Analysis Using APO: Audience - Purpose - Outcome
Develop Your Open, Body & Close
Position Your Ideas For Impact Using The Power Of 3

Crafting A Memorable Story

Incorporate The 3 Components of Every Story
Define The Key Message Your Audience Must Remember
Learn When You Tell Your Story

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You'll have a 1:1 with me, download your workbook, attend your weekly meeting, and complete self-study work.  Coaching calls will now focus on the content we've covered and the presentation you're developing.

This week we'll cover:

Creating Audience Engagement

Managing Questions

Apply 16 Proven Steps To Take Before, During And After Your Presentation

Choose From 15 Specific Engagement Ideas To Use During Your Presentation

Present Research On What Keeps vs Loses Audience Attention

Manage The 5 Types Of Questions Audiences Ask

Respond When You Don’t Know The Answer

Use Specific Language For Difficult Questions

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We're developing a rhythm of 1:1 conversations, workbook downloads, weekly meetings, and self-study work.


This week we'll cover:

Polishing Delivery Skills

Assure Your Message is Heard, Valued & Acted On
Use The Power Of Your Voice
Manage Your Pacing For Impact

Using Visuals in PowerPoint

Apply 6 Contemporary Guidelines For Every Presentation
Learn 5 Ways To Communicate Numbers
Use Line Charts, Icons & Images

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At this point, we've covered the bulk of our course content.  Ideally, you are making progress designing your content. But there's more to teach plus you'll have your 1:1 call and complete your self-study work.

This week we'll cover:

Rehearsing Your Presentation

Apply 4 Steps To Nail Your Next Presentation

Prep Using Note Cards & Outlines

Mastering Your State of Being

Body, Focus & Beliefs
Develop Your PPP - Performance Preparation Pattern    
Eliminate Unwanted Nerves and Anxiety

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There is NO Group Zoom meeting this week.  It's your time to prepare and rehearse for delivering your first presentation.  Plus we'll have our 1:1 conversation. Here's a video with a portion of a coaching call with a client where we discuss message strategy.

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We resume our Group Zoom meeting time and you deliver your first presentation.  You'll receive a link to access your recorded presentation and plus evaluation results.  As always, I'm here for you with 1:1 support. Remember, I'm on your side and have your back!

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There is NO Group Zoom meeting this week.  Our 1:1 is about refining your content and delivery, incorporating feedback and preparing for your second presentations.  In this video, you hear a key benefit of delivering the same presentation twice.

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You deliver your second presentation, receive group feedback, and complete a Presenter Evaluation. You'll receive a link to access your recorded presentation and presenter evaluations. We celebrate our accomplishments together and you complete a Course Evaluation.

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We have our final 1:1 conversation, watch your presentation, discuss evaluation results, and reflect on your progress. 


Listen to these Graduates describe their Progress & Increased Confidence.


Watching YouTube Videos.  There are simply too many to find the really good ones plus they offer conflicting instruction on the same topic which becomes confusing on what you need to do.

Going to Seminars.   In many, you only listen to the speaker and don't practice what's being taught.  You acquire knowledge but you don't develop skills.

Observing Great Speakers.  This often results in trying to copy them which keeps you from using your unique gifts, developing your own style, and speaking authentically.  You can't be someone else!

Practicing On Your Own.   You receive no feedback and don't know what you do well or where to improve. Anyone who has ever mastered a skill has had a teacher... a Yoda... to guide their development.


You learn a proven approach that works for all types of presentations and audiences.

You practice what you learn, receive group feedback and formal evaluations plus weekly 1:1 coaching.

You have lifetime access to workbooks and recordings of your classes, presentations and coaching sessions.


Developing my skills has advanced my career, earned respect and recognition from peers, bosses, and customers, and enabled me to deliver presentations in every state and halfway around the world.

My Bachelor's degree is in Speech Communication and I've been an Adjunct College Professor teaching Communications.  I have studied, taught, and honed my skills for over 30 years. 

Having consulted with 100's of organizations, I've attended 1000's of sales, team and company meetings, conference breakout sessions, project update briefings, and more. I know what makes presenters fail and succeed.



  1. Enrollment is capped at 28 participants divided into 4 groups of 7. 

  2. Each group will meet at the same time and the same day throughout the duration of the course.

  3. You have four day & time meeting options from which you'll choose one.

  4. Once you pay for your enrollment, you will receive an email with a Course Welcome Letter to download. 

  5. The Welcome Letter confirms your Day & Time choice, and provides links to register for the online meetings, schedule 1:1 coaching calls and access your assessment, workbooks, support videos and articles.

The 9 Week Master Class Starts September 23rd.

Enrollment Is Now Open!



First, let me thank you for considering this course. Chances are you’ve read other course sales pages and if you’re like me, we’ve found them to be overly emotional and full of dubious claims.

Don't get me wrong, using emotion and credible claims are part of what makes a persuasive message and a memorable presenter.   But please don't enroll just because I’m suggesting you should.


Simply reflect on the presentations you’ve delivered and visualize your audiences.  Now ask yourself... Do they want to hear more or less from you?

Whether it's 1:1’s with people you lead, expressing thoughts in a team meeting, pitching to customers & prospects, leading training classes, or facilitating zoom calls, we're always presenting.  To succeed, you must have a clear message that moves people to action.

When you excel at developing and delivering presentations, it increases your confidence, garners the respect of customers, peers, and bosses, and can advance your career.  The truth is, with the right instruction, practice, and coaching, everyone can improve and some can become really great.  That's what I want for you!

Transform Your Skills And Become A Clear, Confident & Compelling Presenter.

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