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Hi, I'm Tom Schreiber.  My career has taken me to every state and halfway around the world designing, selling, and delivering training, coaching, and consulting services.  I’ve held leadership roles in public and private companies where I've been responsible for:

  • Department & Team Leadership

  • Talent Selection & Development

  • Training Design & Delivery

  • Technology Acquisition & Deployment

  • Survey Design & Research Analysis

  • Vendor Selection & Relationship Management

  • Revenue Growth & Customer Retention

I earned my B.S. in Speech Communication from The University of Central Missouri, have taught college courses in Communications, and hold several professional certifications.


Working with many of the world's top brands across several industries has provided me with a rich set of experiences and a well-informed perspective on people, profits, customers, and careers.


Today organizations hire me to:

  • Coach leaders and teams

  • Design and facilitate virtual & in-person workshops

  • Provide expertise that helps grow revenue, engage employees and retain customers


If you run a business, lead a team, or plan meetings and workshops, let's have a conversation. 

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