Workshops for Today's Business Needs

Delivered virtually and in person.

High Trust Leadership

Research and everyday experience have shown the importance of trust in leadership.  In this interactive workshop, we'll address:

  • Your leadership identity -  perception vs reality.

  • Critical behaviors of high trust leaders.

  • How to extend trust and rebuild broken relationships.  

Situational Leadership

How you manage employee performance and motivation will significantly impact productivity, morale, and ongoing skill development. In this interactive workshop, we'll address:

  • Hersey & Blanchard's Situational Leadership Model

  • How to identify chronic versus acute performance problems.

  • Critical steps to effectively manage unsuccessful employees and motivate top performers.

  • How to combat tendencies to micro-manage.

How Managers Engage Employees

If you want greater performance from your team or department, this workshop promises to make a difference for you and the people you lead.  In this interactive workshop, we'll address:

  • Key drivers of engagement & motivation.

  • How to create a culture that promotes accountability & trust.

  • Key actions managers can take that all employees appreciate.

  • Symbols, language, and behaviors that disengage employees.

ReEngage At Work

If you’re searching for answers to career questions and seeking greater meaning from your work, it's time to ReEngage!  In this interactive workshop, we'll address:

  • Your enduring career motives and values.

  • The differences between position & career plateauing

  • Key strategies to ReEngage doing work you love most and do best.

High Trust Teams

Teams that experience high trust are more collaborative, resolve conflict effectively and simply get more done.   In this interactive workshop, we'll address:

  • Characteristics of high trust teams.

  • Practical steps to continuously improve team performance.

  • Lencioni's 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

  • The dangers of unhealthy team competition.

5 Keys To Renewed Energy At Work & Home

Are you at a crossroads deciding if the work you're doing is still rewarding? Maybe a set of unforeseen circumstances have temporarily drained your batteries.  Or it may simply be your everyday demands & responsibilities are growing and the stress is mountingDon't despair - it’s time to take back control and live your life with renewed energy and joy.

Emotional Intelligence

You’ve known or worked with people who were really smart yet somehow their high IQ didn’t equate to success. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The 15 skills that comprise the EQi 2.0 Assessment.

  • The impact of Emotional Intelligence on your effectiveness.

  • How to develop and leverage your Emotional Intelligence for greater success at work and at home.

Workshops are customized for individual contributors, leaders, or teams.  EQi 2.0 Assessments are an ideal complement for participants to gain unique value and personal insights. (Click here for sample reports)

Leadership & Influence

Having a title doesn't mean you're a leader.  Being the boss doesn’t automatically earn you respect. In this interactive workshop, we'll address:

  • Self-awareness of your preferred style of leadership.

  • Feedback to influence behavior and motivate your team.

  • Different leadership styles and their applicability in the appropriate situations.

Conversational Coaching

Being an effective coach is an essential leadership skill yet many leaders struggle with this vital part of their job. In this interactive workshop, we'll address:

  • The 5 Core Coaching Questions

  • Building trust through interpersonal congruence.

  • Overcoming your challenges when coaching others.

Effective Conflict Management

Effectively managing conflict is critical to leadership and team effectiveness. In this interactive workshop, we'll address:

  • Your conflict management story.

  • Conflict management styles and their appropriate application based on Thomas-Kilman Instrument.

  • How to keep cool and safely respond to conflict.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is the foundation of any successful professional. In this interactive workshop, we'll address:

  • Your personal communication style.

  • How to position ideas that promotes understanding.

  • How to recognize and respond to the style of others.

  • Becoming more effective in building relationships and dealing with others.