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"Employees who report receiving recognition and praise within the last seven days show increased productivity, get higher scores from customers, and have better safety records. They're just more engaged at work."                                                Tom Rath, Strength Finders


Kelsey Bright

Director of Customer Service

Tom, you did a fantastic job with our group and you made a long lasting impression! Thank you for all you do and continue to do! Great seeing you!


Charlie Moore

Vice President

Tom introduced an Employee Satisfaction measurement tool that our company piloted. Tom led the project and provided great service, direction and valuable information to guide us in developing the right tool to improve our business and link satisfaction to overall performance.


Mike Tracy

Managing Principal

Tom has done a terrific job stepping into an interim facilitation role for us .. quickly absorbing our content and curriculum, delivering our programming, and receiving terrific ratings from participants. I sincerely appreciate a professional who can 'dive into the deep end,' size up the project quickly, and 'come up swimming' in a fast and effortless manner.


Laurie Murphy

Managing Consultant

Tom is a professional, detailed, and skilled facilitator. He is eager to meet the needs of any audience, and works with the unique needs of the customer. He knows how to ask questions to get the most of a group discussion, and then he can move that discussion into specific behavioral change for the class. We have contracted Tom for many years to conduct classes on leadership success for one reason; he produces results.

andy wise.jpg

Andy Wise

Region Vice President

Tom is excellent in training communication skills for managers to use in every day coaching situations. I have had the pleasure participating in one of Tom’s classes. And it was very beneficial and well worth the time spent!


Boyd McGathey


Tom is an extremely capable trainer, people development leader, and facilitator. He has quickly developed a training curriculum that met the needs of our business, improved on existing training programs. He can deliver training in a thoughtful, inspiring manner that gets through. He is professional, competent and personable and creative.


Jay Werner

Vice President

I had the pleasure of working with Tom on training sessions he developed and led for my Director-level direct reports. He thoroughly researched the topics and my goals for the training and delivered outstanding training seminars that were engaging and effective for the participants. I strongly recommend him for all your training and development needs.


Mike Gates

Territory Manager

Tom inspires confidence by taking time to listen carefully to what's being communicated. Additionally, he has a genuine knack for sharing his experiences and insights in a manner that helps others grow and reach their full potential.

mark dickey.jpg

Mark Dickey

Vice President

Tom is a top-notch professional with an extremely impressive resume and background. His presentations are fantastic - interesting, thought-provoking, engaging and energetic. He comes with a great deal of real-life experience and weaves these into his messages. His cachet of topics is extremely varied and relevant to today's business needs. If you're looking for a fast-paced, intentional and gregarious speaker, this is your guy.


Bill Evans


I had the opportunity to work with Tom during an evaluation/selection process for a new LMS. I found that Tom’s approach was systematic and thorough. It was a pleasure to work with a functional sponsor who had a firm grasp on the requirements. He took ownership of the process. He also included the IT department by soliciting our input on the technology requirements around security, performance, and interoperability with our infrastructure. He led the process from start to finish, incorporating requirements from others and then helping ensure that the only candidates that met all minimum requirements made it to the final round of evaluation/selection. He then engaged IT to evaluate the candidates on the IT requirements we provided. The process concluded with the selection of a LMS that meets our training needs and fits well into our infrastructure. It was a pleasure working with Tom on this process and on other activities.


Brad Burgess

Regional Vice President

Tom has the ability to engage, listen, and consult in a manner that effects change and moves people. I have had the opportunity to engage him in various capacities and well as hear him speak at conferences and have been thoroughly impressed and would do so again and again. When it come to impact on business change and people, he gets it.


Brett Brende

Vice President

Tom is a true professional. He works hard at his craft and develops excellent rapport in dealing with clients. Tom also is a man of high integrity. I enjoyed and valued having him as a colleague.


Dan Thompson

General Manager

Tom takes a systematic approach to understanding and connecting with his audience. He listens and learns from them and then applies it in his training techniques in a practical manner. Tom is an enthusiastic facilitator with a professional attitude and it was a pleasure working with him.

jon loeb.jpg

Jonathan Loeb

VP Sales

We just finished our Annual Meeting where Tom workshopped our group of over 30 individuals on Communication and Employee Engagement. Tom’s energy quickly captured the crowd and he achieved the involvement of the group by keeping the lessons relevant and impactful. Tom vast experience played well in many different situations and our Leaders left with valuable tools to grow and develop our teams. I’m very happy to be part of this experience and would highly recommend Tom to anyone wanting to improve as a business or individual Leadership.

tim carpenter.jpg

Tim Carpenter


I have had the pleasure of working with Tom for several years. Since 2016 he led several engagements with CST. The breadth of his experience helped us develop and train on game changing tools, processes and programs. He was critical to the development and deploying of our leadership development program, LEAN leadership training program (which I believe is world class work) and developed and deployed a train the trainer mentoring program. Tom is a joy to work with (due to his knowledge, flexibility and thought provoking style). I highly recommend Tom.


Babette Geer

Management Consultant

Tom is very responsive to requests, receptive to ideas and extremely pleasant to work with. If you are in need of a facilitator or trainer you will be well off speaking with Tom.

joe richardson.jpg

Joe Richardson

Area Director

Just attended and excellent seminar on employee engagement and found the content extremely helpful and as always, Tom’s delivery was exceptional. Tom is a gifted communicator and is great at inviting feedback from even the most reserved people. Highly recommend Tom for whatever leadership skills you may want to develop.

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