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Time vs Treats: Which Returns The Biggest Reward?

I got my first dog on Valentine's Day when I was 5 years old. Appropriately we named him Valentine and soon we called him Valley. Since then I've been fortunate to have several dogs in my life and in 2016 adopted Crosby.

When he sits before me, I'm faced with a dilemma: do I offer him a treat or the gift of my time and attention? His pleading eyes beckon me to choose wisely. While a treat may momentarily satisfy him, I know that what he truly seeks is some good lovin' full of ear scratches & belly rubs.

It's a reminder as well for leaders that employees also yearn for genuine connection and acknowledgment. While pay raises and pizza parties may serve as short-term motivators, the investment of time fosters loyalty and commitment. When employees seek guidance or a listening ear, your presence and genuine engagement speak volumes.

For leaders, today more than ever, investing in meaningful connections delivers the biggest reward: a culture of trust, loyalty, and mutual respect.

Questions to Consider

  • Who on your team would benefit from an investment of your time?

  • What keeps you from giving time and attention to your team?

  • Who do you know that consistently prioritizes investing in meaningful connections?

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