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Where Do You Turn For Wisdom?

When faced with important decisions or difficult problems, where do you turn? Many people turn to family members, close friends, a spiritual advisor or trusted colleague.

An old Hindu legend describes a time when all people had the wisdom of the gods. But they abused their privilege and Brahma, the chief god, decided to take it away from them and hide it in a place where it could never be found. Not knowing where that would be, he held a council of the gods to help him decide.

One god suggested, bury deep in the earth. Brahma replied, No, people will dig down and find it.

Another god said, Then let's put it in the deepest ocean. Brahma shook his head and said, No, people will learn to dive to the ocean's depths and find it there someday.

A third god asked, Why don't we hide it on the highest mountain or the farthest corner of the earth? Brahma answered, No, people will eventually climb the highest mountain, scale every peak and search every hidden cave.

The gods were exasperated and threw up their arms. There is no place. They will find it anywhere we put it. Brahma was quite for a time. He thought long and deep. Finally, he looked at the council and said, Here's what we shall do. We will hide their wisdom in a place people will never look deep inside themselves.

Next time, before you turn to the outside to find answers, consider the wisdom you have accumulated and turn in - look deep inside yourself.


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